KOA Production Inc. is a creative production company and founded by Royi Akavia, who has 30 years of experience as an artist, animator and creator. We had created and produced a variety of projects in art and animations in Japan, New York, LA, Miami Beach  Florida and all over the world. Now our company relocated to Japan in 2015.

We are media production & digital and event expo and art gallerys our company work with all kinds of artists. Production may come in the form of  video, animation, or some other creative expression including art direction and art direction of animation. These websites that we  are designed to express the quality of  our clinet productions and the team behind each one.Our serives are perfect for anyone considering a redesign of their own company website – even based in another field. . I hope these designs may offer a starting point to get working on your own project(s).with us.

KOA Production株式会社は、Royi Akaviaがアーティスト、アニメーター、クリエイターとして30年の経験をもとに設立した、クリエイティブプロダクションです。 これまでに、ニューヨーク、ロサンゼルス、フロリダ・マイアミビーチをはじめ世界中で様々なアート、アニメーションに関する事業を行い、2015年、日本へ拠点を移しました。


KOA Philosophy

KOA is Hawaiian origin name that means  Warrior, Brave, Bold & Fearless. 

 Warrior, we always look up to survive., Brave, we are proud and never give up.  Bold, we will create our artwork with our bold stroke.  

 Fearless, we will



勇士として、私たちは生き残るためにいつも上を向いていく。 勇敢に、私たちは自分に誇りを持ち、決して諦めない。 大胆に、私たちは大胆なストロークで作品を生み出していく。



“I had developed the way to use all of my abilities, knowledge and experiences to help people to create something completely unique and intrinsic.

Our team handles projects with love and respect. We make it better than you ever imagined it could be. It’s……… different and for sure …….cool!!              If you’ve got a product, image to build vision and story to tell ……. We are the answer!!



KOA Productionはすべてのプロジェクトに敬意をもって臨みます。あなたが想像する以上のものを提供し、それは他とは異なった、間違いなくクールなサービスです。



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