Art Galler’s     Kitano Alley Gallery , ( KAG) was established in early 2017in Kobe Japan. Its aim is to showcase new Japanese artists as well as International artists who have not been widely exhibited in Japan. Our “New concept gallery” has presented international and local artists like DAAS, Miguel Parades, Clifford Land, Iwane Mizushima, Royi Akavia among others. The Gallery also engages in the sale of limited edition and originals work like William Scott and photographic work by Internationally renown masters of the medium like Andres Serrano, Duane Michaels, Sandy Skoglund, John Dugdale, Cy Decosse, Sheila Metzner, Sally Mann, Robert Parkeharrison, Vic Muniz and Adam Fuss.2nd location ` “Stressed ” Located at InterContinatal Hotel Osaka Grand Front 1st floor  hours are 11:00 am till 10:00am till 8:30 pm STRESSED present fine works of art by Kitano Alley Gallery on periodic exhibition beginning from February 28, 2018. We have invited leading KAG artists locally and from around the world to display their outstanding works at STRESSED. Our patisserie will become a gallery of fine art with paintings and prints displayed and on sale. Patrons can obtain a catalogue by clicking here for more information about the artists and their works as well as listings of the artwork for sale.

Art Prints publishing  limited Edition  Prints are High qwality  300gr paper Jet ink best price in the market

Artsy features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Our growing database of 800,000 images of art, architecture, and design by 70,000 artists spans historical, modern, and contemporary works, and includes the largest online database of contemporary art. Artsy is used by art lovers, museum-goers, patrons, collectors, students, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art.


3D characters a& Animation movie 3Dキャラクター、アニメーション映画

Animation 3D  <<

Creating 3D characters and Animation movie for co-production




Game Design ゲームデザイン
Game Design ( Virtual World)  Planing &  Development  <<

Unity3D is a cross-platform game engine and used to develop video games .



An innovative 3D programming environment that makes an animation for telling a story , playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. A standard statements in a production oriented programming language, such as Java, C++, and C#. 革新的3Dプログラムを使用し、アニメーション映画、ゲーム、ウェブサイト用ビデオを制作。Java, C++, and C#を使用。


Animated Banner, Movie intro and advertisements アニメーションバナー、映画のイントロダクション、広告

Commercials <<(movie Intro, Advertisements) Creation of  animated Banner, Movie intro and advertisements for online  & broadcast as well the customer’s website or other sites (i.e. YouTube) that they designate.Flexible Key-frame Animation for 3D Logo and Text. Export to Video, GIF

We have found another way to leverage our core competencies to serve the online production needs of advertisers. We believe that pricing our services at somewhat less than market is a good way to introduce our product and gain some traction in the advertising community. Since this is an extremely high margin product, we are comfortable that our profits justify the pricing we have established.

The basic package will consist of a 30 second animated video : Priced at $300.

for more detail email us







Kids Animation by Little Director Little Directorによる子供のアニメーション
Kids Animation (2D)    <<

Little Director is a revolutionary educational technology that enables kids to “direct” a video based on artwork as simple as a crayon drawing or Play Doh. The benefit of Little Director is to learn the importance of cooperation and imagination, discipline, developing artistic skills while teaching basic animation, and the importance of combining fun and work to obtain great results.

子供のアニメーション(2D) <<

Little Directorは子供が描いた作品に基づいて、ビデオを制作することができる革新的なテクノロジーです。Little Directorを通じて、協力すること、想像すること、芸術的才能を伸ばすことができ、それと同時に、アニメーションの基礎を学び、また、楽しみながら働くことですばらしい結果が得られると行くことを子供たちに教えることができます。



E-Greeting And Animated Ads Eグリーティング、アニメーション広告

It’s a multi-platform media system with core competencies in animation and online. Promoting art / Pets / Ads around the world. It’s founded and creates by artists Royi Akavia in 2006 We are offering personal animation space on the site for its users. By display and share their creations. And provide them with the opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind Online Ad’s that includes an animated message spoken by your own voice.Our concept seeks to establish an ongoing relationship with its users and leverage that strategy to extend and acquire site traffic and strengthen its online community. and also enables to reach a significantly older and larger audience.

Let’s your Pet talk with your own voice. ペットトーク << ペットをあなたの声でしゃべらせてみましょう

Let’s you product do the talking アドトーク << あなたの製品にしゃべらせてみましょう

Let’s your art express themselves アートトーク << アート作品自身に表現させてみましょう





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