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About me .

I am the Master of my Own Work.
which makes me laugh all the way .

Royi Akavia is an artist and director of animation and animator from Israel. 1985 Royi Move to the US.and now he working and living in Ashiya, Japan.. Royi is an accomplished artist, and studied under Salvatore Dali. Royi's work has been displayed in several art museums and galleries throughout the world, including the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Norton Museum in Palm Beach Florida and the Aspen Museum in Colorado. In Japan, the Sezon Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, Aichi Prefectural Museum in Nagoya and the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima have all displayed his works.

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1999 Royi was chosen by the Archdiocese of New York to paint the third rendition of "Christ and the Jubilee" that was originally painted by the famous renaissance artist Rafael.

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He was the art director and set designer for MTV Europe and his accomplishments include the MTV Beach House in Holland among other projects.

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Royi commissioned to paint an canvas that was featured at Woodstock '99. Kidz 2000, a noted anti-child abuse non-profit organization commissioned him to paint a portrait of popular rock music artist Lenny Kravitz.

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Royi was also appointed official corporate artist for Western Union's ambitious Y2K painting project. However, he is best known for a series of works entitled "Faces That Make Money"..

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Roy founded “Little Director”, an animation company, concept was for 3-9-year-old children to draw a picture and send it to Little Director’s studio. By using proprietary software transformed the drawing into an animated movie.

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Royi had work withMoon Scoop Productions (a French animation company) and its subsidiary, Mike Young Productions,with popular programs include Dive Olly Dive, Code Lyoko, Pet Alien, and I Got A Rocket. Code Lyoko

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