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Whether you’re looking for a professional Studio to cover your Animated Production’s you come to the right place.

Art and Sake

Hakutaka Co. Ltd., brewers of refined sake and “Patrons of the Arts” havepartnered with Koa Production to encourage, promote and support the arts via the Hakutaka Sake Art Competition 2016. We believe these efforts, supported by the American Chamber of Commerce (ACCJ) Kansai Chapter and Konan University, Hirao School of Management (CUBE), offer great exposure and support for local artists.

BMW Osaka

Art for Charity PART IV Art & BMW Appreciating Art, Appreciating 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the ACCJ Kansai ‘Art for Charity’ Part IV event – Art & BMW – Appreciating Art, Appreciating …….(?) to be held in support of Food Bank Kansai (FBK) and the ACCJ Kansai Community Service Fund. We are proud to again collaborate with KOA pproduction & Kitano Alley Gallery (KAG) and its many talented artists at this spectacular venue. Art pieces will be on sale until Tuesday, September 11. KAG will donate 10% and Osaka BMW will donate 15% of all art sales from the event the ACCJ Kansai Community Service Fund. We will posting the Artists catalog (including prices) so that you can view the amazing pieces produced by the Artists. Looking forward to seeing you at this Art for Charity event with the goal of raising funds for Food Bank Kansai (FBK) and the ACCJ Kansai Community Service Fund.

Move to Learn Apps

Move to Learn is a groundbreaking program that brings an innovative
curriculum together with interactive technology to create an unforgettable
experience for kids. Move to Learn teaches kids through intuitive
interaction and play. Kids explore and exercise, enriching body and mind, all while having fun. Its allows each child to interact with a world of their own creation. We work with new interface technologies that make computing magical – kids can scan drawings by waving them in front of mirrors, see and interact with virtual worlds and play fun games by moving their bodies and making noise! We use this technology to tell stories, educate and exercise. Kids can see and explore big ideas in motion, and are able to connect their actions with the world around them. This opens the door to intuitive, kinesthetic modes of learning not possible in other programs. Kids create exciting scenarios and games, orchestrate their own videos and along the way get to exercise and jump around. Best of all, kids get to take home a video of the whole experience!

Akavia collaborate with Toru Hasegawa, Mark Collins and Dr Sandra Okita  

Mike Young

Acquired the rights to four animated programs produced by MoonScoop Productions (a French animation company) and its subsidiary, Mike Young Productions, one of the largest U.S. independent animation companies. These popular programs are Dive Olly Dive, Code Lyoko, Pet Alien and I Got A Rocket; Code Lyoko was merchandized as a videogame by The Game Factory, a prominent video game publisher, for the Nintendo Wii platform. 

More Projects

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All you  needs or for original Feature Film concepts, give us a call. We love what we do!



First ever E-Greeting digital App   animation card 1985 MAc OX S

Little Director

An innovative teaser for kids that engages their mind Through the melding of their own simple drawing. And computer animation that make their drawing come alive. En hances attention and abstract thinking.This can use as a learning tool.


MTV Beach House in Den Hague Netherlands 1990 was Art director Special projects. 

Polygoon Tv

Working together with Polygood.Tv with the Founder and Director of Animation Emiliano Topete on a Animate Tv series. Shugirl