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Marilyn & Mickey 2


Artist: Clifford Land

Title: “Marilyn & Mickey 2”

Medium: Lithograph limited edition (A/P)

Size: A3 (with Frame 40 x 50cm)

Price:   ¥60,000


3 in stock


Clifford Land is a Tennessee artist, originally from Detroit, Michigan. He began his professional career in advertising where he has worked both as Artist and as Art Director. Constricted by the prescriptions of commercial-ism, Clifford’s true excellence reveals itself in his realistic oil paintings where he is free to express his unique artistic temperament. Clifford’s most iconic works are paintings with symbols and icons from American Popular Culture.

His subjects are our heroes, embodying those qualities most valued by our society. His paintings with figures pos-sess charm, power and dignity. His landscapes allow the viewer to be for a moment in another time, another place not encumbered with the pressures of today. His still lives have a fresh approach to beauty as well



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