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Artist: Peter Opheim

Title: Family

Medium: Oil over Canvas

Size: 159 cm/ 121 cm

Price: ¥1,000,000

Min price ¥800,000

1 in stock


Peter Opheim is interested in exploring our shared human-ity, those qualities that make us human and the connec-tions that we have with each other.  Ideally, he would like the viewer to find something of themself in the work. In these paintings, it is important to him that he creates his own imagery.  He does this by first creating a sculpture out of clay.  From this he then makes the painting.  The fig-ures are from his imagination and are created intuitively.  Sometimes they are completely imaginary and sometimes they are conceived with animals that we know in mind, such as bears, rabbits or other creatures.  But either way, he does not rely on outside sources to create the figure.   It is important to his process that he looks at the figure directly and paint from them without the use of photography.  He considers the figures in the paintings to be life-size. In this way, his paintings are not like pictures but function more like sculpture. He was born in Landstuhl, Germany, to American parents and grew up outside of Minneapolis, in Minnesota.  He does not have any formal training in painting and sculpture, and after receiving a B.A. degree from St. Olaf College, I moved to New York City. He cur-gently divides his time between New York City, New York, where he lives and works, and in the mountains of North-ern New Mexico, where he also has a house and studio.  He has two sons, Ethan and Ogden who are in college.

Peter Ophaim は、人が皆合わせ持つ人間性、人を形作る資質、人が互いに持つ関連性を探し求めて作品を生み出している。理想的には、見る人が 自身を作品の中に見出してもらいたいのだという。


Opheimはドイツ Landstuhlでアメリカ人の両親のもとに生まれた。アメリカのミネソタ州ミネアポリス郊外で育ち、 絵画や彫刻の正式な教育は受けておらず、St. Olaf College を卒業し文学史号を取得後、ニューヨークに移った。現在は生活と仕事の拠点となるニューヨーク、家とスタジオのあるNorthern New Mexico を往き来し活動をしている。 Ethan と Ogden、二人の大学生の息子がいる。

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