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Arn’t Heavy


Artist: Amir Sharon

Title: Isn’t heavy,

Year: 2001

Medium: Silk Screen 87/ 160 limited Edition print 30 colors 120gr post on Board

Size: 40 × 30 cm

Price: ¥80,000




Amir Sharon

A major part of Amir Sharon`s process of creation is the staging. The staging appears in the painting, as well as in the title, therefore staging and titling are not separated, but rather linked together in Amir`s unique approach to the creation process. He uses his objects/themes as actors. By placing or posing it on a specific stage, under carefully composed lighting conditions, and often masked or dis-guised in some way, Amir uses the object to tell a certain story and act a certain part, a part very different from its more mundane usage. Living with these objects in his atelier, and under the guiding principle of having fun and taking pleasure of creation, Amir Sharon develops his world – “Stage Realism” .

Amir Sharonが作品を生み出す最も重要な過程がステージングである。作品そのものとタイトルは強く関連しこれがユニークな創作のアプローチにつながる。描く対象やテーマを役者がポーズをとるように特別な舞台に配置し、時に扮装させ照明をあて演出する。そして、ありふれた使い方からは掛け離れた役を演じさせて一つの物語を紡ぐ。アトリエで彼が描く対象に囲まれ、創造の楽しみや喜びをあたえてもらいながら、ステージリアリズムの世界を極めている。








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