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Artist: Eamon Harrington


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 36″/48″

Price: $4400



Eamon Harrington is a television producer/director, and owner of Planet Grande Pictures, based in Malibu, Ca. Along with his business partner John Watkin, Eamon has been making television for over 30 years. Planet Grande Pictures specializes in unscripted and documentary projects, ”issue-oriented projects” as he calls them, which have won 7 Emmy Awards since 1992, the most recent being a doc on Alzheimer’s Disease for HBO, called Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?

Discovering painting late in life after his successful career in film, Eamon has been producing an extraordinary amount of energetic and luscious canvases which blend words, text and brushstrokes giving his painting a conceptual feel. Exhibiting in the communal “Red Ladder” Gallery in Malibu Eamon’s work has quietly been noticed by the well-travelled community and his paintings are now widely sought by collectors in California and the East Coast.


イーモン・ハリントンはマリブを拠点に活躍するテレビプロデューサー/ディレクターであり、Planet Grande Picturesのオーナー。30年以上にわたり、ビジネスパートナーのジョン・ワトキンと共にテレビ制作を手掛けてきた。Planet Grande Picturesは台本のないドキュメンタリー、彼の言う「課題解決型プロジェクト」を専門としている。1992年以来、最近の作品であるH B Oのアルツハイマー病ドキュメンタリーGrandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?をはじめ、7回のエミー・アワードを受賞。



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