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Artist: Daas

Title: “Panda”

Year:  2017

Medium: Acrylic on Board


Price: ¥250,000


1 in stock



DAAS b.1973

American contemporary artist; widely known for his bold, colorful, geometric paintings and murals.

DAAS produces images that combine representational, cubist and abstract elements resulting in recognizable forms such as humans and animals.

The angles and lines of the work are reminiscent of origami folds and utilize a distinguishable array of color combinations to convey emotion and put forward a positive narrative. After moving to Japan in 2007 and working for Universal Studios Japan (USJ) for a number of years, he directed his focus back to Fine Art and Muralism, exhibiting in multiple Solo and Group shows, while also being commissioned to create murals around the world.

973 年 生 ま れ 。


作品に見られる直線や角度は、まるで折り紙のようであり、識別された色と空間が作品を表現する。2007年から日本に拠点を移し、ユニバーサル ·スタジオジャパンで数年の活動を経た後、現代アートや壁画制作にキャリアを移行し、個展やグループ展で作品を発表する中、世界中で委託壁画作品を残している。


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