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Artist: Roberto Mitrotti’s

Title : sinking

Size: 3-“/22”

Meduim : Acrylic on papaper

Year ; 1997

Price: ¥300000




Roberto Mitrotti’s life work has always been at the confluence of film, fashion, and art.

He opened groundbreaking fashion boutiques from Madison Avenue to Rodeo Drive, designed the “looks” of Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson and Elton John and was Universal Pictures consultant in the creation of the look for the series “Miami Vice”.

He founded RPM Media producing documentaries and TV programs aired in over 20 countries including “The Compulsive Traveler” series which he hosted on CBS Television.

His feature “Stealing Chanel” won Best Director at the International Film Festival of Manhattan in 2015 and is in worldwide distribution by Lifetime Television and A&E Networks.

His paintings have been exhibited in close to 50 European and American museums including the groundbreaking “Pool” show in Moscow in 1990, the first exhibition of American artists in Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution. His paintings and conceptual work are in permanent Museum collections from Jerusalem to Hiroshima.



彼はマディソン・アヴェニューからロディオ通りにかけて画期的なファッションブティックをオープンし、ミック・ジャガー、マイケル・ジャクソン、エルトン・ジョンのルックスをプロデュースした。また、ユニバーサル・ピクチャーズ“Miami Vice”シリーズのルックスコンサルタントを務めた。

RPM Mediaを設立し、自身が司会も努めたCBSテレビ“The Compulsive Traveler”シリーズをはじめ、世界20カ国以上で放送されたドキュメンタリーやテレビ番組を制作。

長編作“Stealing Chanel”は2015年マンハッタン国際映画祭でベストディレクター賞を受賞し、Lifetime TelevisionやA&E Networksにて世界的に配信されている。


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